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"The wonderful thing about being curious in artmaking is that it always takes me back to a source. Whether it is about a dream, a forgotten memory, a feeling, or an imaginative world coming about, all of this is rooted in simply creating. There is something to go back to and also start from."


Getting to know Jazmine 

Jazmine Almaguer is an artist and art educator from Miami, Florida. She graduated from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts with a BFA in Painting on May 2021. 


In her artwork, she brings forward themes of Memory and Time. She uses allegory to convey emotion and personal thought through images of serene, spirited moments in nature, dreams, the figure, and the beauty of everyday things using color, light, and texture. 


Drawing or painting on wood, paper, and canvas, she enjoys working intuitively and from her imagination, leaving a sense of mystery. Jazmine is fascinated by the organic shapes found in nature and experiments with new mediums and surfaces to explore her curiosity and playfulness. 


If you would like to connect,  collaborate, or have any questions, please feel free to contact her at or send a Direct Message to IG

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