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Artist Statement 

My paintings and drawings are of invented spaces involving the figure silhouetted in nature, animals, solitude, dreams, and memories, both known and private symbols. I start with a feeling or an idea and begin a piece from there. Using light, playful textures, organic shapes, and atmospheric perspective presents a duality, merging realism with fantasy. I continue to learn, question, and find what interests me. Working from my imagination is direct and enjoyable.  The variety of mediums used in my work are oil paint, watercolor, ink, charcoal, photo images, and collage. Experimenting, combining, and working with many mediums allows the subject to express the moods of the atmosphere, symbolism, and mark-making. They help me understand the differences and commonalities of each chosen medium that benefits the artwork. The mediums I use are canvas, paper, and wood; From time to time, I enjoy experimenting on different surfaces to depict the concept in the quality that it suited best.


I am influenced by Frida Kahlo, Odilon Redon, and Victor Hugo. Representing different art movements, their work demonstrates allegorical narratives, symbols from nature, mixed media, and the resulting emotional quality that resonates with me. Organic shapes found in nature fascinate me because they carry a mystery, playfulness, and looseness that inspires my work and process. Working intuitively, reviewing sketches, and books, using photographs, recollecting dreams, and memories, from childhood, for instance, are ways that I discover a conceptual point of view for an artwork. My art is open for interpretation, and I hope to inspire emotion, reflection, and meaning through the imagery and medium used in a painting or drawing; to be able to share a vulnerability or a relatable moment in time, that encourages a story of wonder. 

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